Static Marker -- Mentalism Magic

  • $10.99

Every magician dreams about owning a magic device that will be always in their pocket, ready to amaze people without any preparation. Do you really want to shock people? - This is Static Marker.
You will use this marker every day. We will teach you 7 incredible magic effects!
1. Shock: With this marker, your spectator will feel an electric shock, even though there are no electronics in the marker.
2. Balance: You can balance your marker in impossible way, defying gravity!
3. Card Ninja: With static electricity and your marker, you will find spectator's card. The card itself flies out from the pack directly into your hand.
4. Freezing Time: You can stop time at any moment, and a ring will not fall from the marker.
5. Telekinesis: Using telekinesis, you can knock off different small objects from your marker at any time.
6. Mental Prediction: You will learn how to read your spectator's mind. You will know, for certain, which city they will choose.
7. Magnetic: You can magnetize different small objects, enabling them to stick to your marker.
Instant reload. Your marker is always ready for your show.
Easy to do. Even if you are a beginner, you will able to shock your audience immediately after our tutorial.
Video tutorial. You will receive a 30-minute video tutorial with many ideas in two languages: English and Russian.
Shock your spectator with Static Marker by Wonder Makers NOW!
Available worldwide!