Daydreams Magic Book -- Close Up Magic

  • $17.99

This is a very special book!A real MAGIC BOOK with the “Erotic Touch”!
You'd better not read this book!But you are able to show a very amusing MAGIC TRICK to your friends.
It is amazing and easy to learn.
First you show the picture from the cover.What do you see?3 glasses with Cocktails...
then you show all the pages from the book...nothing but letters on every page.
And now the MAGIC happens!Real “Daydreams”...when you look a little longer
at the picture on the cover,magically there appears the sexy body of a beautiful lady...
is it a dream or reality?But the magic goes on...when you show now the pages
of the book once more,they have changed magically!Now you see the pictures and
photoes of lovely girls!But all dreams have an end...and suddenly the pages
are once again filled with simple letters and the picture on the cover shows 3
glasses!We show you the secret how this MAGIC BOOK works.You will find the explanation
on the inner pages of this book.Have a lot of fun with “Daydreams”!