Invisible Touch Chair Version Remote Control -- Mentalism Magic

  • $89.99

Invisible Touch has always been a great effect that magicians love, but because the chair is too large and inconvenient to carry, so few people perform. Now this Invisible Touch is small and easy to carry. The most important is that it can be combined with an ordinary chair at any time to turn it into a prop, and begin to present the magic.

The audience can not only feel the touch, but also smell the flowers or feel the warmth and blackness of his palm.

- The gimmick is easy to carry and can be combined with an ordinary chair
- Set up less than half a minute
- 100% self-contained
- Remote control. No assistants.
- Use batteries. No worry about the charging failure and short life of the prop.

You can also design your unique routine according to your own preferences.

Comes with a gimmick box, a remote control, accessories and instructional video.

PS: please prepare your chair