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Super Mind Reading -- Mentalism Magic

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Super read minds
This product of the company's latest products, prophetic soul belongs to the class of magic. Without technique, the effect is amazing. Props can cross check in the audience.
Magic effect:
1, the magician took the same tablet five, five were handed over to the audience.
2, the audience back to the magician himself had in mind to write the content on a tablet, any text or pictures are OK.
3, view from the WordPad in turn see the content, and then folded up five WordPad shuffled until this is hard to tell who wrote what.
4, the tablet to the magician, the magician at this time do not know who wrote the piece of board.
5, a magician with a clipboard, looking at the viewer's eyes, read about the idea in mind of the audience, points out the success of the accuracy of the tablet, which one is which one viewer wrote, without the slightest error.