Super Locked Boxs - Professional (ROSEWOOD EDITION) -- Close Up Magic

  • $209.99

Let a spectator's object disappear with your favorite method and it will reappear in one of the great wooden boxes inside the larger box.

For example, a magician borrows a ring. The ring vanishes in magician's hand. The conjuror brings out a beautiful wooden box. A spectator examines the box and finds a button on it. Our helper examines the box and discovers that the only way to get in the box is to open the button on it! When the box is opened, a smaller wooden box is found inside. The spectator discovers his or her ring in this box!

Three different sizes are available to reproduce or reveal vanished rings, coins, watches etc. Available in smallest 5.8x5.8x4.4 cm; larger 8.6x8.6x6.3 cm and the largest 11.5. x11.5x8.3 cm . This is worth twice the price!
Notice:If you want to reveal the watch,you can just use 2 boxes as the smallest box maybe not big enough to hold the watch.