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Self Bending Fork (upgraded version) -- Mentalism Magic

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Self Bending Fork - Upgraded Version Self Bending Fork- Upgraded Version is the strongest and most visual bending effect you will ever find. If we truly had the power to bend metal, why stop at just one bend? It will suck the wind out of your spectator as your psychokinetic ability contorts and flares the neck and every single tine of a simple dinner fork. The moment where they realized that the power of your mind is reconstructing the physical properties of metal is one that will live with them forever. The best part? This incredible moment can happen in their hands. They feel the movement of cold, hard steel manipulating right in their palm. It is a visceral moment that is almost too much to wrap their head around. Traditional metal bending cannot compete with the technology and secret contained within this upgraded trick. Clean, real and elegantly beautiful, this trick is the next generation of self-bending metal effects and one that will solidify your reputation. EASY TO PERFORM. EASY TO RESET. ACTIVATES ON BODY HEAT. MAGIC HAPPENS IN YOUR HANDS, THEIR HANDS OR HANDS OFF