Ring Illusion - Illusions Magic

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The perfect illusion. It plays very, very big. It can be done completely surrounded. It can be done virtually any where. And, it packs down so small that it fits in the back seat of your car.
A 65 inch tall post is seen attached to a wooden base on the stage. Your assistant stands against the post. One by one, 10 solid metal rings are dropped over your assistant, then attached to the post. A spectator from the audience watches closely as your assistant is locked to the post. Raise a curtain around your spectator. In a flash, the curtain drops and she is free!! Wow.
The Ring Illusion can also be used as a transposition effect. Your assistant is locked up. You raise the curtain. When the curtain drops, your assistant is free and you are locked in the rings!
A great illusion. Perfect for any show! Comes complete with 10 hollow steel ringsl; 1 stand (18 x 22 inches); 1 bar (65" tall), which breaks in two for packing; a curtain and curtain ring.
Shipping the product has a dimensional weight: 14.7kg
The product actual weight:11.5kg