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Probe Rhinesense Mk4 ( DVD and Gimmick ) -- Mentalism Magic

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After more than 5 years of underground sales to a select group of Mentalists and Magicians, Rhinesense Mk 4, PROBE is finally available to YOU. Mentalism doesn't get much more direct than this. The spectator is handed a packet of ESP cards. They take any one and place it between their hands whilst your back is turned; the remaining cards are placed out of sight into their pocket. 
When you turn around you, know INSTANTLY, ELECTRONICALLY and EVERY TIME, which one they have. 
NO forcing, NO fishing, NO set up, NO practice, NO hassle. 
You touch NOTHING before, during or after. 
Strap on like a watch and you are seconds. 
Instantly reset. 
Up to 12 different items can be identified.
Broadcast quality DVD with almost 90 minutes of detailed instruction on how to use PROBE with Cards, Words, Pictures, Coins, Bills, Nuts, Matches, Candy, Envelopes, Food and many other items. Dozens of tips and ideas sent in by PROBE users from all over the world. 
PROBE has been used on TV by professional mentalists in 9 countries. 
Professional, close-up and stage routines included. 
Many accessories available including custom printed cards. 
Requires SP23 or A23 batteries. (Batteries NOT Included)
NOTE: Do not confuse PROBE with crude consumer electronics converted for magic use. PROBE is built ground-up by surveillance electronics expert and mentalist Dave Everett. 
Routines and ideas from Sean Taylor, Richard Paddon, Edward De'Ath, Wayne Rodgers, John Archer and more. 
"Just thought I would let you know that I bought a Rhinesense over here in the UK and I love it. Best effect I have come across in years."
- John Archer 
"Dave Everett's Rhinesense is honestly as close to real mindreading as you can get."
- Sean Taylor 
"I never leave home without Rhinesense."
Edward De'Ath