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Pro Thumper Mental Conduct Master -- Mentalism Magic

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Mental Conduct Master (Pro Thumper) The Pro Thumper is everything I have ever wanted in this type of unit! If you have money or your safety on the line you MUST feel secure with your thumper. I am confident using this in my show"- Andrew Gerard- Hypnotist,mentalist, Mindfreak consultant. The Pro Thumper is one of the greatest devices ever conceived for the working mentalist. Each one is carefully crafted with several unique features. This device was the combined brainchild of Peter Nardi and myself in the quest for a discreet and reliable cueing device for magicians and mentalists. The result is the Pro Thumper! Do not be put off by the fact this is a two person device! The power of the effect possible with this little beauty is unsurpassed! I use the Pro Thumper in a multitude of ways. Whenever I go out with friends or to a casual event, I am set up to blow peoples' minds at any time. I share some of the effects Peter and I perform with "The Pro Thumper." Please remember the effects possible with this amazing device are only limited by your imagination.