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Popcorn 2.0 Magic ( DVD and Props ) - Close Up Magic

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After the great success of the first version of this trick, now George Iglesias bring us The Magic Popcorn Machine 2.0!!! 
What's new??? 
Almost everything and for better!!! 
Now The Magic Popcorn machine 2.0 present the following features:
New mechanism that works with ease every time.
Packs flat for easy transportation!
The box have been totally redesigned, inside and out, completely reinforced for a lifetime use!
Bigger loading capacity... Appear more Popcorn from it!
A more deceptive method based on an old principle of magic to to show the box empty, that include the uses of 4 neodymium magnets.
A new DVD filmed on HD
Show an empty box, drop inside some real or invisible kernels, wave your hand on top, say the magic words... and suddenly a loud sound of popping popcorn starts! Five to ten seconds later, all the popcorn comes out filling the box. You can offer now popcorn to your audience! 
Perform it in:
Birthday Parties! And be kid's favorite magician! 
Use it for Emcee your events! Great for MC! 
Comedy Shows! 
Trade Shows! 
Motivational Speeches 
and much, much more! 
Enjoy the amazing effect and great advantages of this new very commercial effect!