Ultimate Reel-Steel Wire - MAGIC ACCESSORIES

Ultimate Reel-Steel Wire - MAGIC ACCESSORIES

  • $12.99

1,Soft steel reel, more durable.
2,Thread can stop at any place, any time as you want and go freely after slight pulling.
3,Double locks: one lock controls the size of ring, and the other lock controls the length of the returning thread.

If you have experiences with reels, you should know that thread is fragile and you must vanish an object at the very beginning of your performance.

The first two features will resolve the problems from the older reels effectively.You can use the reel at any time as you want.

The third features will make yourself control the length of the returning thread, so when you set few reels on your back, for example,

the vanishing objects will not go to the same place and make your back look fat. You can set many reels a time on your body as you want.

Our reel will allow you to easily vanish cards, coins, keys, silks, credit cards,card deck,even more heavier objects and countless other objects,

Effect is only limited by your imagination.

In one word, this reel is an unprecedented reel ever!!!

Wire length: 85cm