Penetrate -- Close Up Magic

Penetrate -- Close Up Magic

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First, the performer can ask any audience for a handphone, or prepare a piece of glass which is similar like the size of a handphone. Also, note these two cylinders. Then sandwich the handphone between the two cylinders and use this solid stone ball to demonstrate the performace.

Watch and listen as you hear the solid stone ball making contact with the handphone, and then a second later it penetrates the handphone. The cylinders are assembled with the handphone in the middle. The stone ball is dropped into the upper cylinder and a resounding clang is heard. Then a second later the ball is heard and seen to come crashing down through the handphone and onto the plate below.


- Easily use
- Perform closely as audiences won't believe their eyes
- Sanwiched materials depending on your imagination
- Repeatable

You are supplied with two cylinders, a small solid stone ball and an instruction video.

The dimensional weight (shippment): 0.3kg

Actual weight of the product:0.18kg