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Ghostly Linking Finger Rings - Close Up Magic

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"This ring is a worker's's the way the Himber Ring should have been made in the first place." Billy McComb
The routine is a classic...The magician borrows three finger rings from members of the audience and links them into a chain. Each ring in the chain is checked and authenticated by the spectators, they they are unlinked and returned to the owners, unharmed!

The effect is a guaranteed "gasp getter" and it has been featured by countless professionals, including Al Koran, Bruce Cervon, Billy McComb, Ted Lesley, Richard Osterlind, Ron Wilson, Jonathan Pendragon, and David Copperfield!

This new version developed and created by Joe Porper and Pete Biro is truly the ultimate take on the Himber Ring. Aside from the painstaking craftsmanship - the final unlink is a killer...the last two rings (both of which are borrowed) are displayed hanging linked on a mechanical pencil. Without touching the rings, one ring visibly unlinks from the other and drops into the magician's waiting hand! It looks like REAL magic!

"The problem with the Himber Ring, to me, was the need to hide the work and it took two hands to do what was necessary, and there was a need to switch the rings in and out. One day I realized the ring design was wrong and in collaboration with Joe Porper we created this version, which is far easier to handle and allows some subtle, simple moves never possible with the Himber Ring." Pete Biro

The Ghostly Linking Finger Ring is almost self working. It takes just a gentle squeeze with one hand to do the work. It closes and locks with one hand as don't even have to look at it!

Also included is the Al Koran inspired mechanical pencil. With this marvel you can create the final unlink that will leave you audience talking about the effect for a lifetime!

The kit comes complete with the precision made key ring and a matching ungimmicked ring, both plated in 14K gold, the Koran inspired mechanical pencil, hard wood travel and carrying case, and highly detailed instructions.