Executive Production Carrying Case - Close Up Magic

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The performer walks on stage carrying an ordinary looking briefcase which is placed on a table, with a clear view underneath. The magician now opens up the briefcase and reaches inside and produces items that cannot physically fit inside the briefcase. Some examples are: A motorcycle helmet, a basketball, a large teddy bear, a saucepan, a can of paint. The possibilities are endless. Imagine your audience reaction when this happens! Even better still, the briefcase is closed up and can be shown on both sides. It can be casually placed down in full view to the audience with both sides visible.

There are no holes, no hanging bags, no body loads or steals, no black art, no sleights, no collapsible or inflatable loads. Nothing is added or removed. Entirely self contained and easy to do.

The specially prepared black vinyl briefcase does all the work for you. The method is undetectable, even as close as two feet away. This versatile prop is ideal for stage performers, children's shows, clowns and M.Cs. This would have to be the best production prop on the market due to the physical size of the items produced.