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Drinking Telekinetic - Close Up Magic

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Taking a breast pump is not the ordinary magic cup milk cup. by the foreign authority of a magician with a variety of performance improved results! Milk Cup, but he can do the effect, also can be a glass and pour two cups of endless change the effect of milk. The most exciting political reform is the change in top milk: Can ask the audience to perform by any item, such as straw, keys, cell phone, fruits, coins, cigarettes, etc. items. And then tell the audience to get his hands on these items has a supernatural power. Put these items in the Milk Cup on a stick. cup of milk can be watched on the slowly reduced. Can it really be sucked into these items in it? so air it! But more than that Oh, you can do: magician shows a glass full of milk, then he will from this glass of milk into another cup, but the two cups of milk is full of magic! And when the audience wants to drink a cup of milk, was surprised to find a cup of milk even less!