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Distorted Paperclip -- Mentalism Magic

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Paper clips in the usual daily life are common, and the use of high quality memory metal, so now you can imagine, in the palm of the audience, slowly... Bent into a triangle, and the audience together would you feel what call "incredible" ~ ~ show effect: a paper clip, finger knead gently and slowly... Wire, like a life, began to bend. To open both sides gradually. Then, the wire in the audience's hand, the audience can't scream, because he could feel the wire in his hand slowly moving!! Open hand, the wire into a complete triangle.
You can also cooperate with ESP CARDS show, forcing the audience choice triangle poker CARDS, finally the paper clips into a triangular shape, is better! This is the memory of the second paragraph of super light wire, as long as one or two audience participation, it can shock to the audience! Hurry to buy
Changed the mind bend a paper clip triangle -- Distorted Paperclip features:
1. High quality items
(2) visual effects strongly
3. Easy to carry
4. Items can be repeated use
5. No Angle limits
6. Check completely A full arange of products include: triangular pin 1