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Cup Zero ( DVD and Gimmick ) - Close Up Magic

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Another great idea by George Iglesias. This time, it is an incredible new levitation trick and system that will blow everybody's mind!Imagine being able to float a cup full of liquid in mid-air! Or a full bottle! Or many other heavy objects!With Cup Zero it's possible!This amazing levitation system will allow you to perform miracles, making it possible to levitate heavy objects impossible to float previously.George has been fascinated with levitations since he was a kid, now after a long of time of performing Cup Zero, George is ready to share it with the magic world.Perform Cup Zero with ease and with the invisibility that you need!Perform it on Stage, Parlor Shows, Comedy Magic, Mentalism and Street Magic!Float:* Any soda cup full of liquid.* A Pringles can. Float it, open it and pour out all chips.* A deck of cards inside of its box.* Any kind of cell phone.* A full cereal cup.* A coffee mug.* A bottle full of liquid.* The limit is your imagination! No special backdrops or attire required or needed!Specially designed for stage and parlor situations, however you can perform just 5 feet away from the audience and achieve a 100% level of invisibility!Very easy setup!Very invisible!Very strong material never used before and specially manufactured for this trick!Comes with an instructional DVD in which George will guide you step by step through everything you need to know about this wonderful trick and gimmick!Includes:2 special gimmicks plus a supply of a very special secret that has been specially developed and manufactured for this trick and that will last you a very long time.