Automatic Palm Fire -- Stage Magic

  • $139.99

Automatic Palm Fire is a revolutionary fire gimmick that will ignite at once when opening the lid.
Using these gimmicks you can produce a flame from one or both hands just opening the lid, or pass the flame from one hand to another. You can also produce a silk or cane, vanish a candle using with this fire effect.
Compared with previous Palm Fire, this prop has these features:
- Electric sparks, more stable that almost ignite each time
- Just open the lid to produce flame, not like a lighter
- Skin color, easy to hide
- Two gimmicks, pass the flame from one hand to another
- Recharged with a usb charger
Magically produce fire at will to dazzle and amaze your audience with this wonderful and brillant gimmick!
Comes with 2 gimmicks, a usb charger and a detailed instructional video (including teach how to use with a silk, appearing cane and vanishing candle).