Blade Eating Mystery Deluxe (Gimmicks) -- Stage Magic

  • $20.99

The performer slices through a sheet of newspaper. These blades are SHARP.
One-by-one, the performer places the blades into his mouth and swallows.
After each blade, he shows his mouth empty.
After all five blades have been swallowed, the performer's mouth is shown COMPLETELY EMPTY (you can even have your mouth examined!)
Next, the performer places a piece of thread into his mouth.
The performer swallows the thread keeping one end of the thread in his teeth.
As the performer pulls the thread out of his mouth, the blades come out tied the thread.
This is one of the most fooling and fun to perform items in the shop. Highly recommended.
Manufacturer Says
Ages 16 and up.
Shipping the product has a dimensional weight: 0.21kg
The product actual weight: 0.1kg