Appearing Fish (28cm) -- Stage Magic

  • $22.99

Magician shows a deck of cards and let spectator choose one card.
Magician points there is his prediction inside the card case.
Now the chosen card is revealed.... but the spectator seems to be weird.. Why?? The chosen card is "FISH"....
However, the magician keeps smiling...
The magician lifts up the card case, then, in the next moment.... A big Fish appears from the small card case!! The preiction magically matches!!
You can also makes a big Fish appear from thin air!!
- When the fish is folded, it fits inside the card case. That's very small!!
- Comes with a fish and a playing card of fish. Please provide your own deck and case.
The dimensional weight (shippment): 0.25kg
Actual weight : 0.03kg