Miraculous Fire - Rechargeable -- Stage Magic

  • $29.99

Miraculous Fire is a revolutionary electric spark device to light flash paper, flash string, candle, cigarette
and any other conbustible materials.
If you work with these, than this is a MUST!
Imagine this:
- Show your hands empty and produce flashes of fire!
- Produce fire from different objects!
- Use your mental powers and light a piece of paper!
- Transform a piece of paper into a chosen card! Only limited by your imagination!
What makes the Miraculous Fire so revolutionary?
- Improved electric spark device, more stable and easily ignite
- Small, but powerful
- Easy to use and hide, no matter what you wear
- Be used repeatedly, no set-up need
- On stage or close-up
- You can show your hands empty, nothing to hold or to palm!
Comes with:
A Miraculous Fire gimmick, a usb charger and an online instructional video