Ghost Mask -- Stage Magic

  • $44.99

A lot of people know a famous Chinese trick called Mask Quick Change, a traditional and amazing magic. 
Based on the priciples of it, a new and brillant magic is developped. 
The magician wears a golden mask on his face and holds a black cloth by his hands. 
Every time after he raises the cloth up and puts it down, his mask's color will change,from golden to red,then to white and to his own face at last, but both of his hands never leave the cloth.
Even more strangely, there is a "face" behind the black cloth because the cloth is shanked by something.
The easiest way to change mask. 
No invisible thread
Whole product comes with: one black cloth, one metal appearing cane, a third hand,special masks and teaching video in detail.
Note: The masks are a little different in appearance from the ones shown on the demo video, but with better quality. The ones we sell are shown in the pictures above.
Shipping the product has a dimensional weight:1.4kg
The product actual weight:0.55kg