Round Classical Floating Table (Buckle Type) -- Stage Magic

  • $459.99

Round Classical Floating Table (Buckle Type)

The floating table is of good quality and in great demand in the magic conferences.

The wood of the table is particularly light to make it floats more easily.

It is about 80cm in height and 37cm in desktop diameter. Table weights 280 grams and weighs 320 grams with the box.

It is so light that you should pay more attention when performing as the table is  fragile and can not fall down!

What makes the floating table different from  traditional ones lies in  the buckle type which makes the table more solid.

Comes with a High-grade shockproof aluminum packaging + 1 set gimmicked round classical wooden table (buckle type)  +  a small wooden box  +  a white wooden vase  and  a double covered cloth.


The dimensional weight (shippment): 9.5kg

Actual weight of the product: 4.36kg