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Clink! Electronic Coin Sounds - Coin&Money Magic

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There may be no illusion as strong and convincing as an audio illusion.
Clink is an electronic device that produces sound.  Loud, clear, crisp sounds of coins meeting glass.  Imagine what you could do with this!  It opens up a whole new world of magical possibilities... You are literally limited only by your imagination.
A few things you could do with the Clink gimmick:
Vanish a number of coins from a glass!
Toss a ring into an ashtray and it reappears on your finger!
Drop a coin into a drink and it vanishes!
This little device is flesh colored, tiny and stealthy.  It can be easily concealed in your hand or attached to a mug or other object.  It has an eyelet so you can attach it to an elastic pull and get rid of it completely!
Don't get this confused with less expensive gimmicks that are basically  toys.  This is a high quality electronic device created specifically for magical purposes.  The sound is incredibly realistic, you really have to hear it to believe it.
2 different sounds can be produced.  A coin dropping into a glass and coins being swirled around in a glass.