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Blooming Bouquet -- Stage Magic

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A blooming bouquet with an entirely different design, to appear like one of the regular flower bouquets one sees in the florist's show window, and not a broom head! The magician's assistant steps on stage, waiting to present the bouquet to the performer, who is otherwise busy. The assistant's attention is diverted by the fairer sex in the audience, and he plucks off the flowers, and hands them to the pretty ladies in the audience, then finally presents the barren bouquet to the performer. The performer is non-plussed for a moment. A magic gesture and all the flowers visibly bloom again. That is just one presentation scenario, - the prop is a very "natural" bouquet, where you can make the flowers appear or vanish at the "press of a button" Made with plastic and Feather flowers and foliage, these will last long, and look very realistic, even at a close distance.