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Blind Fold Drive Bag -- Mentalism Magic

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Through the years, magicians have performed many interesting mysteries with their eyes blindfolded. Their eyes have been covered with various articles including bread, dough, coins, wads of cotton, powder puffs, folded paper, sheets of metal, adhesive tape and a variety of cloth blindfolds. But they have still been able to recognize writing, objects at a distance, and even navigate their way about. You can use the bag supplied for performing almost anything you could do with your eyes open. black bag is handed to a spectator who is asked to place it over their head. They attest they can see nothing but black- no light at all. The magician then takes the bag and places it over his/her head and asks the spectator to write anything (perhaps on a large dry-erase board). The magician is able to write the exact same thing- he must have X-Ray vision! A Blindfold Drive in which the magician is blindfolded by a committee and drives a bicycle, motorcycle, or automobile around town is an excellent publicity stunt. Properly presented it can make front page news with the picture of the magician.