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Ball Thru Hand - Close Up Magic

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This is one of the greatest production challenges.
This precision piece of Magic defies logic. A beautiful brass plunger, a brass cup and a steel ball make up what is now a classic piece of Magic.
The performer displays a solid brass plunger and a solid steel ball. The ball is dropped into A brass cup, which is resting atop the back of the performer's hand. The plunger is used to press the ball 'flat'...or so they think. The plunger is removed and the ball has vanished!, only to appear moments later as it falls through the performer's hand!
This may read simple but the effect on your audience is staggering. This is just an impossible feat!
A true piece of real Magic that you will use often. Collector's have been snatching them up for their beauty and future value. Hand polished and fitted for beauty and precision.
Comes complete with brass plunger, cup, steel ball bearing and detailed instructions. Resets in 30 seconds.
One of the most visual, impossible Penetrations ever created. It can be done close-up and surrounded. And what's more, everything can be examined!!