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Lightning ( Gimmick and online video) -- Mentalism Magic

  • $7.59

With Lightning, you’ll be prepared to make a lightbulb spontaneously LIGHT - blurring the lines between science and the supernatural.
The lightbulb can be in your hand, or far away from you.
And. . .Lightning doesn't just cause bulb to turn on and off. It's been specially designed to realistically flicker and grow in intesity as your psychic energy builds to a climax.
Perform Lightning in close, intimate living rooms, all the way up to large stages.
Use Lightning on its own, or in combination with some of your favorite effects. Its the perfect lead-in before you shatter a bulb - as in MagicSmith's Big Bang and Mesika's Exploding Bulb. Watch the attached video and witness the magic of Lightning.
Lightning is 100% self-contained, tiny and very powerful. It’s completely custom designed - there's really nothing else like it. There’s virtually no sleight of hand, no set-up, and it resets automatically after each use.