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Tri Section Illusion With Table - Illusions Magic

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A box is seen resting on a small oak stand. The box is just large enough to accommodate the magician’s arm. He places his arm through the box allowing his hand to protrude from the other side. The magician now places two solid blades through the box, apparently cutting his arm into thirds. Now for the magic - The center box is lifted up and the center section of the arm is gone. The audience gets a clear view through the box. To further prove that the arm has actually been cut, the front panel of the stand is opened allowing a clear view below the boxes. Still further proof results when a wand is removed from the front panel and pushed through the open section proving that there are no mirrors or false panels where the arm once was.

Now for the magic - Finally, the center section is lowered and the two blades removed. The magician then slowly withdraws his arm showing it to be in a fully restored condition. It’s just that clean. Yes it is actually the performer’s hand - there are no false body parts are used. The blades are wider than the depth of the box allowing no room for the arm to avoid them. As the trick progresses, every possible answer is eliminated. It’s an absolute impossibility. Yet, with this props , you can easily accomplish this apparent miracle.


Comes with Gimmick , Table and Carrying Box.