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The Lean 2 (Shoe Gimmick) - Illusions Magic

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The magician walks on the stage and leans forward by the angle of 45 degrees. And then asks his assistant to take out a chair and put it in the middle of the stage. The magician sits down in the chair and asks his assistant to take the chair away from him. To your surprise, the magician can keep sitting without the chair like soaring across the sky . This program must use our specially prepared shoes.We sell the shoes only,specialy made for you.
You need to tell us the size of your shoes,weight and height, and a pair of our special shoes with gimmick will be customized for you, besides,some other gimmicks put in your body will be offered to purchase extra, to make your performance easier. You are buying the shoes,anything extra you need, you supplie you own.
(please note: building the shoes and delivery time takes 7-20 business days)