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Third Degree Burn -- Mentalism Magic

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a blister of any card they name appears on your finger and thumb!
You approach a group of people, and ask someone to think of a card, and then name it aloud. It can be any card they wish. There is no force. The subject is asked to truly visualize the card in their head-to burn this into their mind, you give them a lighter (or just borrow theirs). After igniting the lighter, they are asked to visualize their card in the dancing flame. You briefly thrust your fingers into the flame, wincing with pain. For the jaw-dropping climax, you slowly turn your fingers around, to reveal the skin on your thumb and finger is now blistered in the shape of their freely-chosen card! You've just given'em the third degree!
Some key points to remember:
No deck of cards required.
No forcing; works with any card named.
Can be carried with you at all times, fits in your pocket, and is always ready to go.
No reset (again, it is ALWAYS ready to go)!
Harmless but it does look dangerous!