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Floating Card (Bicycle) - Card Trick Magic

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When Dan Harland showed us Hover Card at the IBM Convention, our eyes nearly popped out! Have a card selected from an ordinary deck. Place the selected card face-up on top of the deck. Now, while you are holding the deck with the selected card facing the audience, the card begins to float gently off of the deck !! The selected card hovers mysteriously above the deck, then slowly comes to rest, balanced upon one corner. You motion to the card, and it slowly floats back onto the deck . Show the card on both sides, then hand it out! Hover Card looks absolutely amazing. The card appears to float at least two inches from the deck! Hover Card uses no threads or wires; there are no body connections of any kind. The gimmick is very small, so it comes and goes with ease. This is one you will really like, I promise! Comes complete with special gimmick bicycle card.