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Bag Of Lights - Heart -- Stage Magic

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Performer is holding a paper bag (which can be shown empty) in one hand and an empty hand. Performer reaches into the air and plucks out a red light, then places the light in the brown paper bag. As the light is placed in the paper bag, the light can be seen dropping into the bag. The light will be seen falling into the bag and then can be seen settling to the bottom of the bag. This is repeated Sixteen more times for a total of 30 Heart-shaped light. all are seen floating in the bottom of the bag. On the command of the performer the lights will be blown out with a puff of breath. Highly visible even on the largest stage. Exceptional under lower lighting at about 10 feet away. The \'falling of the light\' is truly unique. This item does not come with RED D\'lites so make sure you have them for your customers when they come calling for this fantastic new prop! This is truly a winner and is going to be a big hit!