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Ambelitious Card DVD and Gimmick - Card Trick Magic

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This is so POWERFUL that you have to see it to believe it. We all know the Ambitious Card Routine, right, where the magician keeps taking the spectators card, placing it in the middle of the deck, and it comes back to the top.

Now imagine this. The magician takes the card and CLEARLY shows it sticking out of the middle of the deck. And MAGICALLY, right in front of the spectators eyes, the entire deck vanishes and only the selected card is left! You cannot get the visual impact of this unless you watch the demo video above!

If you're looking for powerful magic that is visual and intense you must have this effect. The item features a great instructional DVD that is available in English and Japanese too. Comes with the very special gimmicked cards and an instructional DVD that has menus in ENGLISH. The DVD visual makes learning a breeze!