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The Super Latex Hammer--Magic Accessories

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1) THE APPEARING HAMMER: Show a paper bag, open it and show it empty, now put your hand inside and pull out a Hammer, out from the nowhere! 2) THE VANISHING HAMMER: Show a hammer and place it inside of a paper bag. make a magic wave on top of the bag and by turning the bag upside down tell everybody that the hammer is gone! However all your audience will point to the fact that you are still holding the hammer with one of your hands... No problem now crumple all the paper bag making a little paper ball inside of your fist showing that the Hammer is really gone! 3) THROWING THE HAMMER INTO THE AUDIENCE GAG!: Tell everybody that your are going to throw a lightweight object into the audience in order to select somebody to participate and explain that the first person that catches the object will participate... seconds later remove from your magician's case or table the HAMMER and show it to the audience, everybody will laugh, assuming that you will never throw that into the audience...Wrong!... You do and everybody will freak out and panic!!! Of course nothing happen to them since the Super Latex Hammer is very lightweight. 4) THE SWITCH GAG!: Pull out a real hammer out of any tool box, make some noise and now switch it for our Rubber Hammer, and throw it into the audience... you will be amaze by how many people will freak out and scream!!! of course nothing it will happen to them, since it is very light weight and harmless. 5) APPEAR A HAMMER FROM A JACKET: Borrow a jacket from your audience at any time, take a look inside and find out that the spectator is carrying a hammer inside! Thats insane! A funny bit that will perfectly fit in your shows. And many, many more effects! The limit is your imagination!!! Shipping the product has a dimensional weight: 0.25kg The product actual weight:0.095kg