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Levitation Spontus 360 - Illusions Magic

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This is the most practical levitation .

This levitation can be presented everywhere, in the middle of the audience, which means completely surrounded by the audience.

Due to this fact this levitation was necessary that to be extremely silent.

There is no really preparation needed in front of the audience. It is a simple matter of moving a table on casters forward on the stage, a table that you could use as well as a pedestal table.

There is no restraint of lighting, so you could even present this levitation on the street, if you wanted to.
This levitation is completely independent. There are no strings, no electrical wires.
You can present this illusion until 20 times in a row with an audience member weighty until 90 kg.

The delaying before the levitation is adjustable.

The delaying in mid air is adjustable..

The speed of levitation is adjustable.

It comes complete with:

A special table (the table base and four legs can be sent separately)

A tablecloth

A charger(100v-240v)

A teaching video