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Electronic Jumbo Card Rise - Card Trick Magic

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The beauty of a card rising out of the deck has always been a magician's dream. A concept like this doesn't become a classic by chance. It does so because its simplicity makes it beautiful.
This is the ultimate. Operated by remote control, one by one all selected cards will go up slowly or even stop at your command.br>The small transmitter can be hidden in your pocket. And, it is not necessary to hold the button down; only one will initiate each transmission, and every card will stop automatically after the process is completed. The Jumbo Deck is inside a crystal-clear acrylic box. If you are a professional, the Electronic Jumbo Rising Card will enhance your act. If you are a collector, it is a must for you.
The price is very low, but this is truly a beautiful prop.
Jumbo Playing Cards Size: 16.8cm x 11cm