Comedy Lethal Illusion - Illusions Magic

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Display a black wall with four balloons hanging on every corner, an  audience is asked to stand on a plateform against the wall with his  eyes covered by a blinder. Performer takes out some knives and  declares he will be a shooter and throw the knives from a distance  to break the balloom which really freak out the audience. However   what he really does is just walking up to prick the balloons by  hands and insert the knives on the wall. The audience is totally  fooled.
The real danger comes next. performer gets another balloon and put  it under the audience's crotch who is given a tiny container to  protect his important part, this is very funny.Then performer throws  the knife and this time he manages to break the balloon and the  audience turns out completely uninjured.
Comedy effect, bring lot of joy and laugh.
The wall can be broken down in four parts connected with hinges,  perfect for transport.
Completely operated by remote control, the range is 10- 30 meters.
Shipping the product has a dimensional weight: 59.6kg
The product and Packing box actual weight:51kg