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2 in 1 Fire Wallet Fire Wallet - Fire Magic

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Magic Fire Wallet + Card to Wallet - 2in1 Trick for Pro Let your spectator pick and sign a card. It vanishes from the deck as the magician takes out his wallet. He opens it up, it bursts into Flames! Quickly closes it, opens it again to show that its normal and nothing caused the flames, and inside the secret compartment is the signed card. New innovation - the fire section is concealed with magnet; opening the wallet will not reveal the secret fire section as the wallet appears quite normal in all aspects. You can even shake the wallet or let your audience to examine it for a short time. Buyer will need to perchase lighter fluid to perfrom Fire Wallet. No instructions for Card to Wallet; recommended for magicians who are accustomed to Card Steal in order to perfrom Card to Wallet. However, no sleight of hand is needed to perform Fire Wallet trick, you will know it immediately when you see the gimmick.