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Pyrofreak - Fire Magic

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If you work with flash paper or flash string, than this is a MUST! 
Imagine this:
Show your hands empty and produce flashes of fire! 
Produce fire from different objects! 
Use your mental powers and light a piece of paper! 
Transform a piece of paper into a chosen card! 
Only limited by your imagination!What makes the new version  better? 
New and better charging unit for easier handling! 
New stronger battery! 
Lower price! 
The ignition part is about 50% smaller than before! 
Charging of the unit is much easier! 
The ignition part can be exchanged easily by everbody!
Included is enough refill for hundreds of performances!Pyrofreak  can be used again and again, no set-up need! You are always ready! 
Pyrofreak can be used about 20-30 times before recharging it with the charging unit. 
You can show your hands empty, nothing to hold or to palm! 
Important points 
PyroFreak  can be used for hundreds of performances! 
Very easy! 
No chemicals!Pyrofreak  is a precisely hand-made gimmick.